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At Pension Solutions for Lawyers, our aim is simple; to provide lawyers, solicitors and family mediators with highly-competent and cost-effective advice and representation in all areas of matrimonial law relating to pensions and other financial issues.

For just £99, we can carry out an initial pension-case assessment, giving you all the information you need to decide on the best way to move forward with your client.

Depending on your requirements, we can act for either partner or can work on a joint-instruction basis where appropriate. We work in the way that you want us to.

Keeping it simple...

We like to keep things as simple as possible for you. Our specialist advice can provide you with the clarity and understanding you need in what can be a highly complex area. From initial pension-case assessments and pension-sharing implementation to joint expert reports and CETV revaluations, we offer both training and consultancy services for a variety of needs. Click here to see the range of services that we offer.

More than just a service...

We are proud of our reputation for first-class customer service and successful results, but we can offer so much more. Our personal approach means that we never lose sight of the emotional cost of relationship breakdown. Although we focus primarily on the financial aspects, we understand the importance for sensitivity and discretion, especially in matters involving children.

We also understand the concerns about costs to clients and will always address these at the outset, working hard to achieve the best possible resolution as quickly and cost-effectively as we can.

Strong foundations...

We are proud to be Resolution members and are guided by its code of practice. As such, we are committed to the constructive and non-confrontational resolution of financial disputes. However, where this is not possible, we will help litigate swiftly and effectively to ensure that your client's interests are always fully protected.

Matrimonial law is never easy, and the world of pensions and finance can complicate things even further. That's where we can help! So why not contact us today and we will start making life a little easier for you.

Pension Solutions for Lawyers

Making the Complex Simple